Norton Rose deserves the last place. The office has a toxic culture that encourages little incentive to move forward and stifles ambition. Employees are underpaid, overworked and frankly stupid because they stay. “The approach is always humane and many of the supports offered by the team, such as the podcast series and weekly labour law updates, always ensure that you are working with a company that has its finger on the pulse of contemporary work practice.” As a favorite among employers listed on the London Stock Exchange or AIM, Pinsent Masons LLP`s practice is strongly focused on financial services and has a strong board experience on the strategic, transaction and corporate governance aspects of labour law and board-led litigation. Helen Corden leads the Birmingham team and is supported by her London colleagues Ed Goodwyn, Anne Sammon and Fleur Benns. In a particularly busy year for pro bono cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 45 major commercial law firms submitted their pro bono figures for the past year in order to be considered one of the firms with the best practices in the country. Kirkland and Latham are leading all 50 U.S. law firms in London in 2021. Farrer & Co demonstrates a “balance between understanding and empathy while providing strong and clear advice” and continues to expand its specialized litigation practice with new instructions on internal investigations, discrimination, whistleblowing and dismissal complaints. In the non-contentious field, the company assists employers in the design and implementation of appropriate safeguards, large-scale dismissal and collective consultation programmes, trade union work and TUPE. David Smellie, Practice Leader, has built a strong relationship with employers in the education and sport sector. Rachel Lewis is sought after by employers in the cultural and professional services sector, while David Hunt works for financial institutions. Anna Birtwistle, Kathleen Heycock and Eleanor Rowswell are the other integral figures.

William Dawson retired in April 2021. After months of research, International can reveal the top 10 pro bono law firms in the UK as the country celebrates its 20th annual Pro Bono week. Reputation, great work, a lot of money, long working hours Bristow`s LLP has expanded its expertise in international employment and global mobility with the arrival of Practice Director Gareth Wadley (from Gateley Plc) with Of Counsel Lizzie Field at the end of 2021. The team, which includes lawyer Justin Costley, works with its corporate department to provide complementary expertise in TUPE and employment-related aspects of large outsourcing projects. The work you do varies between commercial and general medicine and the clients are mainly public and private companies and local authorities. Don`t see the problem with Travers. It`s hard to think “cult” that it`s probably more than acceptable to be well paid six figures to work on reasonably interesting things with people I love? It`s not a toxic place that pretends to be family, but I usually wouldn`t mind sharing an office with someone on my team, there are a few people I consider real friends and like to see outside of work, but no one bothers if you`re someone who wants to keep your social life separate from work. Yes, sometimes the hours are long, but it`s not like an American company and the payment reflects that. It`s a nice all-rounder where you don`t get the biggest or the best of all, but you never get the worst. Go somewhere where you get paid twice if that`s your priority, but people who constantly complain seem to think that these salaries come with any job when that`s an unimaginable sum for most people.

In return, you will be well paid. Newly qualified lawyers in top US law firms start at £160,000 a year, before bonus. They will also work hard in these companies, with more than 1800 billable hours per year as standard. Richard Miskella leads Lewis Silkin LLP`s extensive team of labour and process specialists, which deals with investigations, trade unions, discrimination and support for international transactions and restructuring. Clients come from the financial services, technology, retail and creative industries. “Outstanding” litigator Toni Lorenzo is considered an expert on covenants and team movements, while Miskella is a notable partner for investigations and cultural change programs. President Michael Burd also supports many leading employer clients in high-quality litigation, executive layoffs and strategic projects.