With many states lifting restrictions on automatic knives, they are now all the rage. However, as with all good things, California needs to limit them. But don`t worry, because there are companies that pay attention to you Californians. In this case, Templar Knife released a California legal OTF and made it affordable. The 1.85-inch Black Oxide Stonewashed Powder D2 blade keeps the Mic within California`s legal limits while remaining functional. D2 tool steel also offers good edge and corrosion resistance, which is a good idea for California EDC. The Cali Micro is available as a drop-off point or tanto, both with sword cutting. Find out how legal it is to own and carry a switching blade knife in your state. The blade is an aged 6061-T6 aluminum handle milled from a massive billet. This results in much better tolerances.

In addition, there is a knurle along the top and bottom of the handle to ensure a more comfortable grip. All internal parts have been reworked and CNC machined, allowing it the smoothest action in its price range. The pocket clip is attached to the end, for a deep carrying handle, away from prying eyes. It is configured to be worn on the right side, but can also be reversed to be worn with the left hand. Blade Material: Black Oxide Stone Washed Powder D2Klingen Length: 1.85 inchTotal Length: 5.35 inchesClosed Duration: 3.50 inchesGrip: 6061-T6 Aged AluminumUVP: $102.99 The California Legal OTF Templar Knife is now available with an MSRP of $102.99. For more information, see TemplarKnife.com. President and co-owner Shawn Cauble tells us, “People kept asking us to make the Cali Legal Micro. They`d say I don`t want to carry a full-size knife, I just want something I can use to open my Amazon boxes and write in the mail. So we stuck to it and are grateful for the response the knife receives on the market! The Templars don`t step on me on the knife makes a bold statement, 2A This incredibly beautiful double-edged sword may seem like a work of art by ancient Greek craftsmen. In reality, it is an automatic OTF pocket knife that combines the old-fashioned aesthetics of wood and steel with modern technology.

The 3.75-inch powder-coated chrome double-edged sword is both sharp and stunning. The knife also provides a pleasant weight and balance when opened or closed. It`s hard to find a better OTF knife to camp in the same price category. Although the category of automatic knives is becoming more and more popular, the OTF (Out the Front) is in the lead. This is due in particular to the operation of opening and closing with one hand. Like many OTF designs, the Cali Legal Micro has the switch along the top of the handle, for natural operation. By pressing the switch, the Cali Micro reaches its maximum length of 5.35 inches.