There are many law firms out there, but our numbers prove that we have a good thing here at Azure Law Office. We respect our customers and they respect us, and that`s what sets our business apart from others. To help legal departments transform into a modern, digital law firm, PwC launched Cloud for Legal by combining PwC`s skills, services and technology experience in the legal industry with Microsoft`s industry-leading cloud solutions. Cloud for Legal is based on Microsoft Azure, Data Lake Storage, Cognitive Services, Power BI and Power Platform. PwC helps your company`s legal department work more effectively, efficiently and strategically by ensuring that your legal department has the right systems and processes for your specific needs and objectives, now and in the future. If you have received a quote from law enforcement, you will need legal help and advice. Contact us to discuss your case with you and possible action plans. The Preview Additional Terms of Use contain additional legal terms that apply to your use of Azure features that are not yet in beta, preview, or otherwise generally available. Jennifer Azure helped me with a traffic violation.

She was very understanding and listened to all my specific and complex case. For a very reasonable price, she took my case, which lasted several months. She always explained to me all possible action plans and worked hard to achieve the desired result. I would recommend Jennifer Azure to anyone who needs legal representation. With Cloud for Legal, you benefit from an experienced trusted advisor who works side by side with you to analyze and assess the business and technical needs of your service. We then recommend the most appropriate legal technology solutions for your business, connect and configure systems, and deploy innovative legal technologies that can help you derive even more value from your existing technology investments and legal department operations. Combine PwC`s legal expertise, services and technology experience with Microsoft`s industry-leading cloud solutions. Our business is necessary in good and bad life situations, and we do everything we can to make all cases a good experience, regardless of the circumstances.

We see our customers as people with real problems that we can find a solution to together. In-house legal departments are busier than ever, with many taking on more work while under pressure to control costs. Large companies implement and implement modern processes and solutions that enable lawyers to work more strategically, create more value for the business, and improve the experience for all parties involved. We believe that all legal matters are equally important, especially for the individual client. Jen helped me with a DUI case and was able to get me a lot. She is very receptive to needs and is always there to answer questions and relieve anxiety. I highly recommend them! I hired Jennifer to defend myself in a case, and she went above and beyond. I was willing to accept a lesser offer, but Jennifer went above and beyond to make sure all the information was provided to the prosecution and made efforts I didn`t expect. She helped me find myself in a strange situation. I`m really grateful.

Service level agreements describe availability and connectivity commitments for Azure. The Online Services Privacy Addendum (“DPA”) sets out your obligations and those of Microsoft with respect to the processing and security of customer and personal data in connection with Azure. It is incorporated by reference into the OST. The Microsoft Trust Center provides more information about security, privacy, and compliance issues for customers of Azure and other Microsoft online services. The Service Approval Portal (STP) is an add-on feature of the Trust Center that provides access to monitoring reports, GDPR documentation, compliance manuals, and related documents that provide more detailed information about how Microsoft helps protect your data. The Microsoft Privacy Statement explains what personal data Microsoft processes, how, and for what purposes Microsoft processes it. Your applicable Service Agreement or Additional Preview Terms may impose lower or different privacy measures for certain Preview Services. Jennifer handled our family`s case professionally and worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible result. She was always available to answer our questions and concerns and continued to provide us with support and advice. Your use of the Azure Service is subject to the terms of the agreement under which you purchased the Services. The terms of your use of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace are set forth in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Terms of Service, which are assumed by ost.

By leveraging Microsoft`s cloud solutions, Cloud for Legal can help legal departments: Driving under the influence (DUI or DWI) is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Washington State. Start your defense today. This page serves as an overview of the terms and conditions that govern the purchase and use of Azure for your convenience. Ancillary Services, Software and Content may be subject to additional or different terms and conditions that are not listed above. Jennifer Azure has done more for me and my family than I ever thought possible. Not only did it help me reject my case, but it also helped me get my life back. And to put things in the past that must remain in the past. I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone who is not only in your corner, but also someone you have to fight by your side! The terms of your use of Microsoft Azure Government Cloud are set forth in the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement – US Government Cloud. Based in Kennewick, WA, and serving customers throughout the East, WA. If you`re not sure or have other questions, contact Microsoft Azure Support.

The Microsoft Terms of Service apply to your use of the Azure website. They also apply to restricted Azure services that you can use without a subscription. Please correct the errors and return your information. If you have any questions about our law firm, please give us a call. We will do everything we can to make sure we are the right choice for you and your family. We have received your information. If you need to refer to this submission in the future, please use the reference number “refID”. For pricing and other terms and conditions for the Azure plan of your choice, see the plan details for your subscription. We care about our community and take pride in serving our neighbors in good times and bad.